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When he shows them the tomb of the Countess, Elvira accidentally revives her. Fourth film in the series about the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky. DCine Spanish (VE) Wed04 01:10

The longest night (The longest night) Cinema / Drama 88 min. 1991 Spain D .: José Luis García Sánchez I .: Juan Diego, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Juan Echanove, Gabino Diego and Carmen Conesa A lawyer and a military prosecutor, protagonists of the summary trial that led to the last executions of the Franco dictatorship, recall years later, the days before the execution, which occurred two months before Franco’s death and under the most absolute international condemnation. Based on the novel by Pedro J. Ramírez “The year in which Franco died”, the film is a political drama about the last executions of the Franco regime, which occurred in September 1975. Directed by José Luis García Sánchez, the film stars Juan Echanove, Carmen Conesa, Juan Diego, Gabino Diego and Fernando Guillén Cuervo. The script is written by the director himself together with Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón and Carmen Rico-Godoy. DCine Spanish (VE) M03 03:55

La novena puerta (The Ninth Gate) Cinema / Suspense 127 min. 1999 USA, Spain, France D: Roman Polanski

Cinema (A-Z) I .: Frank Langella, Johnny Depp and Lena Olin Dean Corso is a reputed and expert antique book finder who lives in New York and works for the world’s finest collectors. Corso works confidentially, with the utmost care, endowed with a strong culture, nerves of steel and few scruples. A famous collector of esoteric books named Boris Balkan, who owns one titled “The Nine Gates of the Shadow Realm”, a strange 17th century book supposedly written by Satan himself, hires him to find two other volumes, apparently identical copies , to compare with yours and. thus, check the authenticity of all copies. since something tells you that only one of them is the original. With this, he would get the keys that could lead him to Satan thanks to his supposed power of invocation. To do this, Corso will have to travel to Europe and trace the whereabouts of the other two volumes and compare them with that of Balkan. Toledo, Paris and Sintra will be his destinations. The offer is a millionaire and Corso accepts the challenge. However, the search for the aforementioned books will immediately turn into a risky adventure, which will begin in New York itself, in which Corso will find himself immersed in a labyrinth full of dangers and temptations, while unraveling the mysteries of the different copies yet at the cost of his own life.

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